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CBD, The New Social Savant

The modern mixers are a'changing, the foundation and the feels of social gatherings are redefining how we come together. “Out” is the ritual of boozing till dawn, “In” is a picnic in the park filled with healthy gourmet eats and alkaline water, CBD spritzers, and grass fed charcuterie!

At Penguin, we love a good gathering and we are totally intrigued by the new trends popping up in the party landscape. One social elixir has stolen the spotlight from the longstanding champion, alcohol. Yes, you guessed it right — we're talking about CBD! 

Current day social scenes are all about connection, laughter, and genuine enjoyment, all of which are supported through the wonders of hemp. CBD has become the ultimate party accoutrement, making socializing not just fun but consciously awesome! 

People hanging out

Healthy Hangouts

Imagine a party where the vibe is light-hearted, conversations flow freely, and laughter fills the air, yet there's not a hangover in sight the next morning. Welcome to the era of CBD-themed shindigs! From CBD-infused snacks to oils, tinctures and drinks for relaxation, our herbal buddy has become a popular choice for hosts wanting to offer a new and uplifting experience. 

It’s all about diversifying the party and getting together to indulge in health-infused social faire. It’s a way to really show up and be present. With the heavy weight of technology's shadow, one might even suggest leaving cell phones in a basket at the door in the name of “staying present.” Sounds like a challenge, count us in!  

Planting A New Connection

The magic of CBD creates space for connection to thrive without the boozy blur. It helps you stay aligned with your voice and your social intentions, allowing your authentic presence to be the focus of the function! CBD has been known to take the edge off of social anxiety and it could help relax those who suffer from pre-party nervousness. It’s a great way to explore personal clarity and interact with a group of friends without using alcohol as a crutch to break the ice. It can be an experience that nourishes the soul and helps your true confidence shine! 

CBD Mocktails

Who said parties need alcohol to be fun? CBD brings a playful twist to the table with a plethora of creative uses. Green up the party with CBD-based mocktails that tantalize the taste buds without the tipsy aftermath. Enhance both creativity and camaraderie through the lens of clarity proving that fun doesn't have to be intoxicating. Think of CBD as a natural way to make relating easy and enjoyable without the toxic side effects of alcohol. 

Cheers to CBD!

In a world increasingly aware of health and wellness, CBD stands out as the healthier choice. With benefits ranging from stress relief to anti-inflammatory properties, it's not just about avoiding hangovers; it's about embracing a lifestyle that values well-being. We propose a toast to CBD and all of its benefits!

CBD Oil Strawberry Flavor

Cheers to choosing something that makes you feel good and why not share it with a friend? Check out these Penguin party favors and bring the flavor of CBD to your next party: 

  1. Penguin CBD Sour Worms: Everyone enjoys a delicious treat, we think they’re best when shared! 
  2. Penguin CBD Gum Drops: Dance the night away and snack on a gum drop or two in the name of health! 
  3. Strawberry Flavored CBD Oil: Create your own mocktail and add one or combine our fun flavors of CBD oil available in No THC and Full Spectrum.

*Always consider dosage recommendations, and consult a healthcare professional when integrating CBD into your health routine, and as always make sure your friends and fellow party goers are safely and consensually able to use hemp. 

CBD infused tea party

The Party Favor of the Future

From sound baths to yoga parties, silent disco’s to ecstatic dance outings, the future of social gatherings is full of color and creativity, and it's clear that CBD is here to stay. Its versatility, and health benefits make it the perfect addition to any party. So, the next time you're planning a get-together, consider ditching the booze in favor of CBD. You might just find that the best parties are those where the only spirits present are the joyful ones in your guests!

The hemp revolution is redefining what it means to “party” proving that you can have a wildly good time while keeping things light-hearted minus the mind-altering substances. In the world of CBD, the party never has to end with regrets. Cheers to that! And here’s to an exciting and transcendent way to come together!

Have ideas for how to have a CBD party? Share the deets with us! We love to hear your hot takes on everything CBD!   

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