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Can You Combine Multiple CBD Products?

Can You Combine Multiple CBD Products?By Penguin CBD

One of the attractions of cannabidiol (CBD) is that there are many ways of taking it. You can use CBD cream, CBD oil, CBD capsules and CBD gummies. However, this raises a critical question: Can you combine multiple CBD products at one time? And if so, is it possible to optimize your experience with the CBD oil for sale?

The answer to these questions isn't an easy yes or no. So let's begin with the facts.

Cannabidiol oil was federally legalized in the United States in December 2018, though some states have adopted strict legislatures since that time. This led to a boom in the CBD industry. In 2018, the annual CBD consumption among the adult population was 6 percent. This figure is expected to increase to 35 percent by 2024.

There's no doubt that the popularity of CBD is skyrocketing. What began as a niche alternative to health-related treatment is now becoming a global craze. Today, CBD is available in oils, gummies, tinctures, body lotions, makeup, lattes, dog treats, bath bombs and more.

If you ask most people whether you can combine two CBD products, you will get plenty of opinions. Before you mix these products, here are main facts you should know.

How CBD oil works

All cannabinoids work the same way chemically. They interact with your endocannabinoid system. Your body has two different receptors, CB1 and CB2.  CB1 receptors are present throughout your body, but are most prevalent in your brain. These receptors assist in coordinating emotions, moods, movement, thinking and many other functions. CB2 receptors are commonly found in your immune system. CBD stimulates both CB1 and CB2 receptors to help your body produce its cannabinoids. 

To understand how CBD interacts with your body, you should consider how you deliver it. The obvious distinction is whether you apply it to your skin or deliver it inside your body. 

If you inhale, swallow or absorb CBD via a mucous membrane, it enters the bloodstream and works throughout your mind and body. If you apply CBD products externally, they work through your skin and can produce soothing effects.

There are different methods of delivering CBD internally. Inhaling through vaping or other means makes CBD act quickly, but its effect wears off in a few hours. Absorption of this compound through a mucous membrane, usually a tincture under your tongue, takes effect after about half an hour. Its effects are likely to last for six hours. 

If you ingest cannabidiol by adding it to your food or swallowing a capsule, it will take effect after about one to two hours. However, it gives you a steady, long-lasting boost that can stay with you through the day. 

Can you overdose on CBD?

To fully understand the impact of mixing different CBD products, it's essential to analyze dosage.

Dosing of over-the-counter CBD oil and other products is not yet well established. To add to the confusion, the CBD concentration content and the size of the bottle varies from product to product. That means the "correct" CBD dose is personal and subjective, because users respond to cannabidiol differently. Factors such as your body weight, genetics, metabolism and preferred CBD delivery method can influence the amount of CBD your body needs.

Accumulating scientific evidence suggests that taking cannabidiol consistently is better than taking a one-time dose. Research so far has suggested that it might take a week of consistent CBD intake to feel significant improvement.

There are no exact dosing guidelines. Researchers have analyzed doses ranging from as low as 20 mg per day to 1000 mg daily. They recommend starting at a lower dosage and gradually increasing whenever necessary.

A recent report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) details the fact that CBD is non-toxic and an overdose is unlikely.

Why use a combination of CBD products?

You probably won’t overdose on CBD even if you mix several products. But why would you want you mix them in the first place?

Say you bought CBD oil tinctures. You might discover the dosage that works perfectly for you, but eventually it will wear off. Should you take more or take a larger quantity at once? What if you bought CBD gummies to chew a few times a day, and you also have CBD-infused lotion?

Different CBD products often yield different effects. Thus, it’s not uncommon for consumers to experiment and use several products simultaneously. 

Another critical question is whether you need to space out the cannabidiol products you use. There are few rules regarding spacing out various products. This choice depends on your preferences.

Many users prefer to experiment while timing their consumption to find a combination that works best for them. For instance, you might take a CBD product that you find energizing in the morning and another that's more relaxing at night.

Keep track of the amount of cannabidiol you consume daily. It's also recommended to lower the amount you take daily in case you notice any side effects.

Some consumers wonder if they can mix different CBD oils or tinctures in a single bottle to make their blend. This is not recommended, because combining products in that way makes it challenging for you to understand the effect of each product. Besides, it will not be possible to know how much CBD you will be consuming at any given time.

How to combine CBD products

Using different CBD products doesn't have to be challenging. Here are tips to help you consume different products safely and keep your CBD levels up the entire day.

Microdosing CBD products

Microdosing is a term usually used when talking about another cannabinoid, THC. However, there is no harm in getting a little creative and applying this concept to the world of CBD products.

Microdosing means using small amounts of CBD oil and experimenting to see which product works best at which time. When you get this information, it will be easier to have fun consuming different types of CBD products safely.

The idea is to take minimal amounts of CBD oil several times a day. If nothing happens, keep dossing until you begin feeling its impacts. It’s important to mention that the CBD impact doesn't go too far because the compound is not supposed to make you feel high.

Experiment with different consumption methods

Before you begin combining CBD products, it's essential to know the specific administration mode that's best for you. You can use CBD oil as a tincture, gummies or capsules, or use CBD-infused topical products. Here is an example of how you can successfully mix CBD consumption methods.

If you love jogging in the morning, take a CBD tincture under your tongue and apply a CBD topical with menthol before your workout. The tincture and topical will work together inside and outside of your body, and the effects of both will stay throughout your morning. 

During your lunch break, you can eat delicious CBD gummies from Penguin. These will give you a quick but safe sugar boost. Then in the evening, you can wind down with a CBD bath bomb or any other CBD-infused product that can help keep you relaxed.

Tips for safe CBD use

If you are considering using CBD oil, be aware that there are numerous products on the market, and their quality varies widely. One way to choose the right product is to look for CBD-infused products from states that have already legalized recreational and medical marijuana. Such states have strict regulations regarding hemp production and extraction of CBD oil.

Do not expect a miracle

Preliminary research shows that cannabidiol could offer some health- and wellness-related benefits. However, much of what healthcare experts know about CBD oil is anecdotal and more in-depth research is necessary to acquire conclusive evidence through human testing. This doesn't mean you shouldn't consume this compound. Remember, CBD is legal but not FDA-approved.

Consult with your doctor first

You should keep your healthcare provider informed of any supplements you take to best manage your overall health. It would also help your doctor determine the right treatment options for you, as well as guard against any possible negative drug interactions and other related risks.

Most patients are reluctant to talk to their doctors about complementary supplements. However, if you have already started using CBD oil, it is in your best interest to inform your doctor.

In some states, you need a recommendation from your doctor to obtain CBD oil. Physicians technically cannot 'prescribe' CBD oil and other related products that are illegal at the federal level. But many states allow physicians to 'recommend' CBD oil and CBD-infused products.

Pay attention to potential drug interactions

More in-depth research is necessary to determine whether CBD can undermine the efficacy of certain prescription medications, particularly if the patient is taking higher doses of CBD oil. This is because CBD may interfere with or amplify the effects of certain medications.

The cannabis plant also contains other compounds, known as cannabinoids. Unless the CBD oil extraction process is done according to the set regulations, there is a small chance that improperly extracted CBD oil could contain a higher percentage of THC than advertised. THC is a compound linked to long-term effects on the user's cognitive health, according to the AAN (American Academy of Neurology). Therefore, it's essential to look for CBD oil that meets your state's regulations in terms of purity.

Buy from the right seller

There are many different types of CBD oil products and no specific federal regulatory standards. For this reason, it might not be clear which dosages or forms of CBD could work best for an individual’s specific needs.

However, some health experts feel comfortable pointing to a specific CBD dosage. Most doctors direct their patients to speak with the staff members at dispensaries. These are state-licensed facilities where medical marijuana patients can buy hemp products in the specific states that have legalized it.

Even if you are looking for CBD-infused products like lotions and gummies, first check the seller's reputation and how they process their products. It's best to purchase these products from reputable companies like Penguin CBD.


Combining different CBD oil products is safe as long as you prioritize your health and exercise caution. If you have any concerns about taking CBD, it's in your best interest to first consult with your healthcare provider before using CBD oil. 

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