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CBD For Mom's, The 4th Trimester & Parenthood

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Understanding the 4th Trimester

The 4th trimester refers to the first three months following childbirth, a season full of many mixed emotions and transitions. It also includes significant physical and emotional adjustments for the mother and her newborn, dad, and big siblings! Women in this phase often contend with sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, and the physical recovery from childbirth.

Alongside the joy and challenges of welcoming their new baby, it’s a time filled with lots of big emotions from joy and happiness to anxiety, stress, and sometimes “baby blues”. Some mothers experience more severe forms of emotional distress, including postpartum depression. 

The New Kid In Town

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become the popular “new kid in town” in wellness and therapeutic circles, offering hope for managing various health conditions as a natural and holistic remedy. Notably, its benefits could include women in the 4th trimester, offering them a gentle reprieve during this delicate time. CBD can be a supportive ally for new mothers, enhancing their well-being and providing relief from the ups and downs that accompany the postnatal period.

Is CBD Safe? 

The use of CBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding remains a topic of debate, primarily due to concerns about its transfer to breast milk. While some argue that CBD's side effects are less invasive compared to certain pharmaceuticals, it's crucial to prioritize safety. We encourage consulting with a healthcare professional to find out if CBD is a healthy choice for you and your child. At Penguin, we advocate for CBD, however, ensuring the well-being of your family comes first.

If you decide to integrate CBD into your parenting self-care routine, do some research and take a trip to the Penguin CBD Shop to find out which method of CBD is right for you. In addition to Mom, Dad needs self-care too! Especially if he helps with diapers, feedings, and other chores! Bonus points to all the dads trying their best to help the whole family adjust to their new little member. Feel free to treat Dad to some CBD, he’ll love it. ;)

Here are a few of our favorite rec’s for Parents: 

Penguin CBD Gummies: Who doesn’t love a little treat? Parents especially deserve a sweet way to unwind, choose from melatonin for a great night’s sleep or our original CBD gummies. 

Penguin CBD Slush Cream: Our Peppermint Lavender Cream is not just a product; it's a gateway to some one-on-one time, offering a luxurious way to connect and soothe sore necks, feet, and spirits.

Penguin CBD Oil: Our classic CBD oil is the perfect way to add CBD to your regimen. Design your dose with care and share the love with your partner! 

CBD and Postpartum Depression

For new mothers facing the physical and emotional challenges of the 4th trimester, CBD offers several potential benefits. It can help alleviate pain from childbirth recovery, and it has been known to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety levels. Preliminary studies suggest that CBD can be a valuable tool for managing postnatal discomfort and stress. 

Postpartum depression affects a significant number of women, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe emotional distress, to postpartum rage and mania. This can impact their ability to care for themselves and their baby.

CBD Support For Mom

Mom needs support to achieve a more comfortable and stress-free time with her new baby, and she deserves it! CBD's anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties could offer a natural alternative to soften the hardships during this transitional time. CBD regulates the serotonin receptors and influences mood-regulating chemicals in the brain. This could be a wonderful helping hand as they lean into the ups and downs of motherhood. We don’t want mothers to struggle, their jobs are very important, helping to shape our future and the next generation of our world! 

CBD For Parents

The potential benefits of CBD extend far beyond the postpartum period, offering support to all parents through all seasons of child rearing from babies to toddlers, and on into the teenage years. Stress management through CBD could be one of the greatest parenting hacks yet! Parents need self-care the most, the stress that can accompany modern parenting can be overwhelming and anything that brings an extra layer of relaxation is worth a try.

At Penguin, we’ve got a whole line of third-party tested, organic, top-quality CBD products for every mom and dad to explore! Try some for yourself! ATTN: Moms! We want to hear from you! Have you tried CBD in your postpartum era? Comment below and let us know your experiences!

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