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What Is CBD Oil Good For?

What Is CBD Oil Good For?By Max Lee

There’s no end to the onslaught of online articles claiming that one cannabinoid or another is the next miracle elixir. Every day a new brand seems to be pushing the next panacea. Then, some media pundits will claim that cannabinoids provide no benefits, at all. In fact, some would claim, they’re dangerous to individuals and society!

So, what’s going on with CBD? Is it a miracle elixir, snake oil, or something to be considered more thoughtfully? What is CBD truly good for?

What is CBD Oil?

Less than two years ago, the 2018 Farm Bill effectively legalized CBD by removing hemp and its derivatives from the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

Now, it’s a common product you’ll see in local markets and online. Its ubiquitous nature implies utility and social acceptance, but that doesn’t mean it’s well-understood. So, what is CBD oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the major phytocannabinoids extracted from cannabis or hemp plants. While some of the chemical compounds derived from these plants induce steep psychological responses, CBD is not one of them.

That’s because the cannabinoids with psychoactive properties target certain receptors located throughout the body known as endocannabinoid receptors. Essentially, the chemical compounds in cannabis and hemp mirror compounds our bodies naturally produce. The phytocannabinoids occupy the naturally-occurring pathways found through our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

CBD, while it plays an important synergistic role in its actions with other cannabinoids, has a fairly low affinity for ECS receptors which is why it does not induce psychoactive responses.

In summation, CBD is a plant compound that looks like a human-produced compound which impacts our well-being without disrupting our perception.

CBD oil, then, is an extracted and concentrated version of CBD which comes in a variety of products for consumers’ consideration.

The Great Variety of CBD Products Available

The exact CBD oil products that you’re going to find around you may vary. However, you will notice a few trends that seem to hold true for all CBD oil products. For example:

  • They are marketed as dietary supplements
  • They come flavored and unflavored
  • CBD oils may have high or low concentrations of cannabinoids
  • CBD is often mixed with a carrier oil, such as MCT for ease of consumption

The major differences in the products available near you, however, depend somewhat on your region’s cannabis laws. For example, some CBD oils are sold as full-spectrum oils. In other words, when the cannabis or hemp plants are harvested and their compounds extracted, the manufacturers use all the cannabinoids in their products. In states or regions where THC is illegal, even low-THC hemp CBD oil could cause problems with authorities.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils, on the other hand, may include more than just CBD oil in their profiles, but they can easily remove the THC and related compounds. Even more precisely, many CBD oils are sold as standalone cannabinoid products. That is, the oil will contain CBD and no other cannabinoids.

This raises the question: what is the best way to consume CBD oil for maximum benefits?

How to Consume CBD Oil for Maximum Benefits

Before starting any kind of new regimen or taking any new dietary supplement, it’s always best to consult your doctor or physician and get their input.

For example, CBD has been shown to interact with certain medical drugs. A 2017 article from Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research showed that CBD consumption, when mixed with drugs like phenobarbital or ritonavir, may lead to slower CBD degradation, longer active periods, or even reduced bioavailability.

This is perhaps the best reason to speak with your doctor before beginning any new CBD oil routine: your health depends on it.

If you feel confident that CBD oil is the right supplement to add to your diet and your doctor agrees with your assessment, then it’s time to discover what works for your body. Keep in mind that how people react to CBD varies based on certain aspects such as their:

  • Age
  • Weight and height
  • Body composition
  • Gender
  • Diet
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Exercise habits
  • And more

Thankfully, there is some broad advice that works for most everyone. The most well-known phrase in the cannabinoid industry is “start low and go slow.” In other words, since you don’t know how you’ll respond to a new product, you’ll want to consume as little as possible to start out with. This lets you gauge your response.

If time passes after starting low and you’ve experienced little to no response, it’s fair to move ahead with more, but “go slow.”

This effort provides two-fold benefits:

  1. Your first experience with this new product won’t be overwhelming
  2. You’ll find your ‘baseline threshold’ of how much CBD you need

Your baseline threshold with CBD won’t change. According to research from 1973, humans don’t develop a tolerance to CBD like we do other phytocannabinoids, such as THC. So, you shouldn’t find yourself needing to consume more and more CBD over time in order to achieve the same results.

It’s important to have that pleasant first experience, however. How does one decide which product is most likely to deliver over the long-term?

The answer is to choose a product based on your own personal health. For example, someone who is seeking immediate CBD soothing may consider using a CBD oil since they are fast-acting, discreet, and relatively inexpensive. However, if that person has diet concerns, then that person may be wary about adding some type of edible into their diet.

Thankfully, CBD oil is highly dynamic and can be consumed in a variety of ways, not just through ingestion.

CBD oil can also be:

  • Absorbed through the skin
  • Taken sublingually
  • Ingested through a capsule or tablet
  • Added to food or drink
  • And more!

Consider your health conditions and what would be the best way for you to consume CBD oil. This may be a good question to ask your doctor, as well.

As more general advice, it will also be a good idea to mix-and-match which products you use throughout the day.

That’s because the variety of products offer just as many unique benefits through their method of consumption. A CBD cream, for example, may be fast-acting but lasts a relatively short time compared to eating it or ingesting through a capsule. Likewise, it may be more discreet to eat a CBD gummy when experiencing the occasional discomfort, but a topical CBD oil in the form of a balm may be more targeted and useful.

When it comes to utility, what is CBD oil actually good for?

CBD is Good For Creating a Balanced Lifestyle

If you want to live a balanced lifestyle, you have to start your day off in the best possible way. The best part of waking up is not just coffee in your cup anymore. It’s coffee with a few drops of CBD oil. Why make a mint coffee when you can simply add in mint CBD oil?

It’s not just the flavor and bite of the coffee that will boost your energy, the added touch of CBD oil rejuvenates the mind and eliminates feelings of grogginess. It’s just the first step to a healthy day.

Those early feelings of wellness, however, can be carried over by continuing CBD consumption throughout the day. Whether you choose to snack on gummies as part of your diet or simply add a capsule to your lunch, extending the support of CBD oil from morning on is quite simple.

While eaten and ingested CBD oil products will maintain an overall fluidity in your mind and body as it soothes your endocannabinoid system throughout the day, it’s not uncommon that more localized support is needed. CBD creams can target your specific needs through immediate application where needed. They look and feel just like conventional cosmetic creams; their usefulness is matched by their discretion.

In the evening and headed into the night, CBD continues its ability to maintain wellness through gummy snacks after dinner. Many have found it to be a good way to include a small, tasty treat into their diet that actually promotes health.

Before bed, many people like to place a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue and let it soak in for 30 seconds. It’s a moment to enjoy the natural taste of cannabidiol, or to cap off the evening with the taste of cookies & cream before your ECS soaks up the additional cannabinoids and utilizes them to boost relaxation at the end of a long day.

From waking up in the morning with a cup of infused coffee to gummy snacks throughout the day to long-lasting oils and tablets, CBD supports health and wellness from AM to PM and in between.

Feeling Better with CBD Oil

It may still be a secret, but people claim to be living better lives while consuming CBD. It’s not because CBD oil gets them a promotion or finds them the perfect mate, it’s because consuming CBD oil has been associated with many positive feelings, emotions, and other natural responses. In fact, people often report five specific positives they link to their CBD oil consumption.

1. People say CBD oil is calming.

You may know how calming it can be to wake up before anyone around you and slide into a cup of tea or coffee; how the experience of peace before the world wakes up with a hot drink in hand brings a nostalgic calmness to the world. Many people report that type of feeling when they consume CBD oil. That may be also why some are putting their CBD oil into their tea or coffee.

2. Many claim CBD oil is quite soothing and rejuvenating.

Like taking a 15-minute break on a bed of pillows, CBD oil may help people soothe themselves in two ways. The first is through its chemical actions, as it leads to wellness, and the second may be through the focus of consumption.

That is to say: when consumers spend 30 seconds letting a few drops of CBD oil soak into the lining under their tongues, it gives them time to breathe and appreciate the moment before the physiological actions take effect. The result is a rejuvenation of body and mind that alleviates the pressures of the day and lets you focus on what’s important.

3. Most people experience relaxation with CBD oil.

This should come as no surprise. Since people are claiming to use CBD for calming their mood in the morning before the world awakes, and soothing during the day while it stirs, there are those who use it to relax when things are winding down, as well.

Since CBD oil can be consumed as a tablet, drop, or in a snack, relaxing with it is up to the consumer’s preference.

4. Some say CBD oil is generally uplifting.

Perhaps it’s the calm dawns, reverberating afternoons, or smoothed-out evenings that make people say CBD oil is generally uplifting? It could be that we’re connecting more deeply with a plant that so closely mimics our ECS it’s a wonder we don’t consider them more human.

Whether physiological or spiritual, many say CBD oil offers an uplifting experience overall.

5. People experience significant energy-boosting effects with CBD oil.

It’s hard to imagine being calmed and soothed, then relaxed and uplifted, and then not experiencing some type of energy-boost as a result.

Like a coach sobering their team before a big game only to drive home a powerful point that gets everyone rowdy before they exit the locker room, CBD oil runs the gamut of emotions for many people, and it often leads to an uplifting experience and an overall feeling of wellness.

Sharing the Goodness of CBD Oil

So what is CBD oil good for?

It’s good for people who want an alternative means to support their health and wellness. It’s good for people who want a product derived from plants that promotes a balanced lifestyle. It’s good for a plethora of reasons, many of which you can find on the Penguin CBD website and our blog.

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