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What Influencers Are Saying About Penguin Products

What Influencers Are Saying About Penguin ProductsBy Penguin CBD

In this day and age, we look to influencers on social media to help us make decisions with which products are hot and which ones are not. CBD is no exception. With so many CBD options available, having the opinion of a friend, family member, or influencer can make all the difference in making the right buying choice.

Penguin CBD is becoming a favorite among many, including influencers, who can’t get enough of the tasty flavors, purity, potency, and all around high-quality products. Let’s take a look at what influencers are saying about Penguin products!

When people love something, one of the first places they go to announce it is on their social media page. 

Influencer Reviews

Content creator Roxy Ren Does (@roxyrendoes) is a huge fan of Penguin's CBD gummies. At Coachella, she used them to chill out, as well as get in a tasty treat! Here is her experience:

“Fit for a queen or a king or both!!! I am lovin @penguin CBD gummies! With everything going on they help relax my nerves & provide a tasty treat after a long day. Use code 'roxy' and see what I'm talking about. Can't know until you try right? Let's raise a glass to happiness!!”

She is not alone in loving our sweet and sour CBD gummies. Each container has 30 gummy worms and they are made with 10mg of pure CBD isolate. 

Who else is loving our gummies?

Murs Alison (@mursalison) is a self-proclaimed gummy-guy. So what did he think about our CBD gummies? This is what he had to say:

“I love to take pretty much anything as gummies so this new CBD gummy worms from @penguin is not an exception”

Maxim Magazine (@Maximmag) is jazzed about our CBD and our commitment to keeping things natural and green. We pride ourselves in offering only the purest, high-quality broad-spectrum products for the health and wellness of you and your family. With a focus on sustainability, using regenerative farming methods on Oregon hemp farms, you can rest assured that we are keeping things green for both you, and the planet.

Girl bosses Mel and Del (@mel.and.del) were so thrilled with both our CBD gummies and CBD oil. In addition to taking our CBD oil before bed, Del incorporates it into her post-workout routine. She noted: “I was able to focus on other things instead of stressing about work”

What about Mel? Well, she loved the gummy worm and felt it was a perfect addition to her morning. This is what she said:

“I like having my little 10mg gummy worm in the morning. I feel like it supports my focus and calms my mind, so I can tackle the day ahead!”

Mel isn’t the only one benefiting from adding CBD into her routine.

Rachel Nichols (@rnichols) loves to be active outdoors. She loves taking our THC-free products to relax after workouts, hikes, and wakeboarding.

Kendra H. (@kissedbyken) has found CBD to be very helpful in her life. After trying Penguin CBD, she was super jazzed about the quality and the flavor. Here is what she had to say:

“Cbd has been a lifesaver and I got a new recommendation for you guys @penguin works so well and tastes yummy”

Here at Penguin, we’re always an advocate of taking the time you need to relax, decompress and chill. Let’s check out how some of our influencers have dealt with stress and anxiety in their lives.

Olivia Joehl (@oliviajoehl) knows that in times of life change or stressors, that having some support can make all the difference. Plus, when anxiety hits, it is helpful to have a go-to strategy. Here is her experience:

“losing my job, making life changing decisions, moving: life hasn’t given me an easy time lately. In fact it’s been beyond stressful. The shock of it all really took a toll,” she said. “Thankfully, I was gifted @penguin. I love that they offer easy to take gummies, oils, and creams.”

Elizabeth Brooks (@lizard_brooks) is a fan of the chill penguin. So how about Penguin CBD? Does it pass the chill-test? Here is what she thinks:

“Thanks to @penguin I was able to try out some wonderful CBD products for free. Penguins are chill. They keep calm and waddle on. That’s why I love this company! Back to School has had me super stressed here lately! It’s been taking a toll on my physical and mental well-being. That’s why I love the power of CBD, because it helps to relax, chill out, and balance the body. It aids in relaxation and reduces tension from everyday life”

Royal Beautee (@royal_beautee) is a skincare aficionado and loves CBD skin care. She used Penguin’s CBD care and here are her highlights. She loved the fact that we use sustainably farmed hemp, and its positive effect on the environment. What else? Our transparency. The fact that Penguin third-party tests our products and you can access the results #satisfied. 

Here are her thoughts on our peppermint lavender CBD cream: She loved the fact that we use glass jars, which is eco-friendly and the feeling of the cream. In her review she raved about how creamy and soft the texture is, and how soothing it is for her skin.

How about our strawberry CBD oil? In her opinion, it’s the real deal. She notes she has used many different types of CBD oil and could tell that our CBD oil is top-notch in quality and efficacy.

Penguin Blog Reviews

In addition to influencers on YouTube and Instagram, Bloggers have expressed their views on Penguin in full-on reviews. These long format reviews are an awesome resource for people to learn about multiple aspects of what people thought of both the products we sell and us as a company.

Like many of our customers, All Around Joe took a special liking to the taste of Penguin CBD oils. Unlike many other companies that have overly earthy tasting CBD, or artificial-tasting flavors, Penguin CBD oils is something to look forward to. Here is what he said about our CBD Oil:

“The first thing you’ll notice with Penguin CBD Oil is the taste.  I have the lemon flavor, and it’s good.  Not like candy good, but it tastes good.  It’s something that I look forward to taking.  And if you have tried non-flavored CBD oil, then you know it has the taste of a health food store.  That’s the best way I can describe it.” 

On top of tasting delicious, Penguin CBD oils are potent and pure. This means that people enjoy the way they feel after using them. Here is All Around Joe’s personal experience:

“The other difference that was clear to me when taking Penguin CBD was about 3 hours after taking it I started to really feel relaxed and super calm.”

How about our peppermint lavender CBD cream? All Around Joe was quite a fan of how much he enjoyed topical CBD cream after exercise, as many Penguin CBD users have also expressed.

Pretty Opinionated also wrote a review on Penguin. They were impressed that our site gave so much information about who we are, our mission statement, our manufacturing processes, and commitment to using top of the line ingredients. 

After using our products, Pretty Opinionated had a very positive experience. She was super impressed with our delicious flavors. But don’t take my word for it. Here is what the author said:

“Let me tell you, Penguin’s Cookies and Cream CBD oil is freaking awesome. The flavor really fills your entire mouth and tastes exactly like the ice cream that it’s named after. It is sooooo good. The gummies are super yummy, too. They’re just the right combination of sweet and sour.”

So, was Pretty Opinionated happy with Penguin? Here are the author’s thoughts:

“...So, yes, I’d say Penguin CBD is definitely worth the money. In fact, I will buy from them again when my complementary products run out…”

Just Me Chelsea B was another blogger that reviewed Penguin. She reviewed our strawberry CBD oil and CBD gummy worms. Her first thoughts were on the taste of our gummies:

“And, let me tell you–these gummies are absolutely delicious! They taste just like those yummy sour worms you’d get at the movies as a kid! Or, if you’re like me grab on the reg from the grocery store for sweet snacks! They’re REALLY good if you’re a fan of sour worms, which I am!”

Her thoughts on our Strawberry CBD Oil were just as glowing. Here is what she said:

“It’s subtle but not in any way medicinal tasting, which is what I was really nervous about it when the thought of CBD oil came up in the first place. I’m weird about flavors/textures and do not like taking liquid medicine so I was definitely skeptical. But, good news-it’s just a deliciously sweet strawberry oil that you sit under your tongue for about 60 seconds and then “walaaaa”, it’s done the hatch and working its CBD magic!”

Overall, Chelsea B is a newfound Penguin fan:

“I’ve been taking both of these products for the past few weeks and am officially sold...”

Bloom & Oil (@BloomandOil) was so excited about Penguin, that they wrote an entire review on us. Some of their favorite aspects of Penguin CBD were our commitment to sustainability, top-of-the-line CBD extraction process (CO2 extraction), and our stellar customer reviews. 

Here was the overall impression they had:

“Overall, Penguin CBD products are a good option for first time CBD users because of the low potencies, consciously selected ingredients, and pesticide-free hemp.”

So, the verdict is in. People are loving Penguin CBD products. Influencers are especially fond of the unique and tongue-tantalizing flavors, our eco-friendly practices, and the way they feel after using the products. Now you don’t have to take our word for it, you have heard it directly from influencers!

Ready to buy some CBD? Click here to read our step-by-step guide for buying CBD!

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