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CBD For Furry Friends & Pets

Person Feeding Cat with Penguin CBD Cat OilBy Penguin CBD

Pets are the hearts of our homes and families. Our loving little companions deserve the royal treatment when it comes to their health and well being. From birds to cats, dogs, horses, rodents, and even fish, the bonds we create with our animals are some of our most meaningful connections. CBD and its effects on pets have piqued the interest of pet owners and veterinary professionals everywhere. From gaining the spotlight as a successful holistic option for humans, CBD naturally became a runner-up for our beloved animal friends! 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is present in all mammals and helps to regulate certain physiological processes such as: pain sensation, mood, and appetite. The ECS consists of receptors throughout the body, and CBD's interaction with these receptors can help maintain balance and health. Let’s explore how CBD may offer similar health benefits for pets!

Cat eating Penguin CBD Cat Treats

CBD For Felines

Cats are known for their independence and agility, but they also suffer from anxiety, joint pain, and other age-related issues. CBD oil has been a valuable holistic option for cat owners to help address their cats’ concerns. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been known to alleviate anxiety, aggression, and pain. Dosage is critical, as cats have a unique and sensitive metabolism; therefore, treatment should be approached with caution and veterinary guidance.

At Penguin, we have developed our  CBD Oil Formula for Cats and our CBD Cat Treats. Our scientists worked hard to provide a formula that addresses the unique aspects of feline anatomy, so you can feel safe knowing your cat is getting the best care with our selection of CBD made just for meows.  

CBD For Canines

Dogs are the most common pets to be given CBD, with a wide range of products available on the market specifically designed for canine consumption. Owners have reported success using CBD to treat anxiety, noise phobias, pain, and seizures in dogs. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can also benefit dogs with arthritis, potentially improving mobility and quality of life–hurray for more playtime! As with cats, dosing is crucial, and the CBD used should be THC-free, as THC can be harmful to dogs.

Our Penguin CBD Dog Treats and Penguin CBD Oil For Dogs have been designed especially for pup pals! We took the time to create something exceptional with all your doggo’s concerns in mind. As always, we recommend consulting a veterinarian before adding anything to your dog’s regimen, but you can count on Penguin to provide the best CBD products for your family, furry friends included!

Person Feeding the Dog with Penguin CBD Dog Treats

CBD For Horses

The application of CBD in equine care is gaining interest for its potential to address anxiety, pain, and inflammation in horses. Given their size, horses require significantly higher doses than smaller pets. CBD could help manage conditions such as laminitis, a painful inflammation of the foot, and may help reduce stress and anxiety. 

CBD For Fish

The use of CBD in aquatic pets is uncharted territory. Fish do not have the same endocannabinoid system as mammals, making the effects of CBD on these pets largely unknown. While the water-soluble formulations could be considered for aquarium use, the practicality and safety of administering CBD to fish has not been researched enough to discuss yet.

Some sea-dwelling mammals such as dolphins, orcas, and manatees may be subjects for CBD research in the future! The evolutionary stats of the ECS suggest that sea mammals could experience effects from CBD similar to those observed in humans and other animals, such as reduced anxiety and pain or inflammation relief. 

CBD For Birds

CBD has sparked a big interest in avian medicine. Birds, particularly rescue subjects and those kept as pets, can suffer from stress, anxiety, feather plucking, and neurotic behaviors that are difficult to manage. While direct studies on birds are limited, CBD's calming actives could reduce stress and promote relaxation without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. So far it is unknown, but we’re here for the research! Our spirit animal is the penguin and we care about our feathered friends!

 Penguin CBD Cat Oil

CBD Dosages For Pets

The safety and efficacy of CBD in pets depends on accurate dosing, which varies among different species and individual animals. Overdosing can lead to unwanted side effects, such as lethargy, dehydration, or gastrointestinal upset. Pet owners should always consult a veterinarian before introducing CBD to their pet's regimen. A vet can offer guidance based on the latest research and clinical experience.

As the popularity of CBD for pets grows, so does the importance of ensuring the quality and safety of products used. In regions where CBD is legal, pet owners should seek out high-quality, lab-tested products designed specifically for animals, ensuring they are free from THC and harmful contaminants. Head to The Penguin Shop for all your top-quality, pet-friendly CBD needs!

Penguin CBD Dog Treats

CBD in pets presents exciting developments in animal wellness across a wide range of species. More scientific research is needed to fully understand how CBD can benefit different types of pets. With any treatment, a cautious and informed approach, guided by veterinary expertise, is the best choice to ensure the safety of your pets. Whether for a bird's stress, a cat's anxiety, a dog's joint pain, or a horse's inflammation, CBD could help enhance the quality of our pets' lives, contributing to a happier, healthier companionship. 

Have a tail to tell? Reach out and share your pet’s success story with Penguin CBD, we would love to hear from you! 

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