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CBD Candy: Why These Treats Are Becoming So Popular

CBD Candy: Why These Treats Are Becoming So PopularBy Penguin CBD

If it weren’t obvious from its exponential growth over the past few years, CBD is rather popular. Celebrities and corporate squares are even moving into the arena and helping to normalize and popularize this incredible compound. 

CBD candies are some of the most popular types of CBD products. However, many potential customers, and even people who’ve never considered CBD before, are asking if it is the real deal or simply a hyped fancy product.

Understanding What CBD Candy Is

CBD candy is a product derived from cannabidiol, mixed with typical food products to produce something that looks quite familiar, tastes delicious and has a variety of remarkable effects. 

However, these are more than cheery sweets with a delightful taste. They are a remarkable dietary supplement with loads of benefits.

Contrary to popular opinion, CBD lacks the element of intoxication commonly linked to cannabis consumption, while being available in different shapes, sizes and forms, including our popular CBD gummy worms.

Regulations Surrounding CBD Candies

For a long time, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration categorized cannabis as a Schedule I substance. However, following the passing of the Farm Bill of 2018, otherwise known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, CBD was effectively legalized. Some cannabis plants were lawfully termed "hemp." Inclusive of cannabis composed of not more than 0.3 percent of THC, hemp produces the CBD you’ll find in today’s CBD products.

These compounds are what are used to make CBD candies. They fall under the same regulations as any other CBD product. 

To avoid legal consequences, we advise that you purchase CBD candies from renowned and trusted parties or suppliers. Your patronage of quality companies will also increase the odds that others follow the strict guidelines necessary to protect the CBD industry.

The legality of CBD and its various derivatives depends largely on its sources. If extracted from hemp plant sources, it is legal in most places across the country.

However, CBD candies are also considered food by the government. That means any product that labels itself as a CBD candy must carry the typical nutritional label. An ingredient list will be present to identify what else you might consume in your candy. But remember that it’s candy, so don’t expect spinach leaves sprinkled with kale!

Various CBD Candies Available

For many consumers, knowing the source of their CBD candy is not enough; there is also the question of which candies to buy among the plethora of options in varying shapes, sizes and forms. You first might recognize CBD candies by their shapes. A quick search online will show you CBD gummies that come traditional shapes like squares, diamonds and circles. But you’ll also easily find CBD gummies in the shapes of various creatures, like our CBD worms!

Next, you’ll see that CBD candies often come in a single dose, which is usually a single piece of candy. But how much is in each dose? Many candies contain either 5 or 10 milligrams of CBD per dose or candy. This type of versatility is another reason why CBD candies are becoming so popular. If someone needs a full or half dose on the road, they can have their CBD and satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time. 

Speaking of sweet tooths, you’ll also see that many CBD candies come in highly recognized flavors. Gummies, hard rock candy and chocolates represent a significant but not inclusive range of products, with varying flavors and textures. 

CBD candies aren’t just popular because they are familiar and delicious, however.

Advantages of Taking CBD Candies

One of the major expectations of consumers when it comes to CBD products has to do with the benefits derived from consumption. No one is going to take something for no reason. However, not everyone makes the same claim as to why they take CBD candies and gummies. Here are some of the most popular reasons why consumers head for CBD candies.

Delightful Taste

This is the most recognizable benefit of taking CBD candy. Many consumers who want to add CBD to their daily consumption may be averse to the bitter taste of natural CBD. Unlike CBD oils, which are sometimes characterized by their earthy flavor, CBD candy is top-notch when it comes to getting something delicious to go. This appeal is not lost on consumers, and many are incited to purchase by just the remarkable scent.

Simple Consumption 

CBD candies are a dietary supplement that can easily be ingested. If you’re a first-time consumer, take it low and slow. It’s important to understand what effect CBD has on your body. The dosing principles and recommendations on the packages make consumption fairly easy. 

Candies are also incredibly discreet. Our CBD gummies look almost exactly like something you might see in the candy aisle at the grocery store, though of course, CBD packaging indicates the use of cannabis-derived products.

Your biggest problem eating a CBD candy in public is that someone might ask you for one without knowing what they are asking for. 

Wellness Benefits

Many consumers claim that CBD provides them with feelings of wellness.

While much more research is needed to determine exactly what CBD can do for people, many consumers rave about the benefits of CBD candies.


While CBD is not illegal to use in the United States, many have yet to fully embrace the idea of taking CBD products. CBD candies can be easily carried along wherever a consumer is going without the risk of being discovered by friends, family or work colleagues. 

The candies allow consumers to convey them without causing suspicion. Whether in halls, offices or even among friends in public, it can easily be consumed with onlookers being none the wiser.

Smokeless Delivery

Another advantage of CBD gummies is the safe delivery system. Even though some might argue that passing through the digestive system might affect the bioavailability of CBD active ingredients, bypassing smoking and inhalation is considered a plus. 

While we never advocate for the inhalation of plant material, we do promote the idea of eating it. Especially if it’s delicious and portable!

But should you be careful? There are some entities warning us about CBD. What are they saying?

Look Out for These Warnings When Consuming CBD 

A study released by the World Health Organization showed that CBD extracts, both isolates and otherwise, are safe, reliable and allowable for human consumption, with a low tendency of misuse. 

However, in an attempt to enlighten the existing and potential consumers out there about a few side effects possible with the use of CBD candy, look out for these warnings as guidance:

Common Risks Involved With CBD Candy

Generally, for CBD extracts and not just CBD candies, there have been symptoms associated with its consumption, such as dryness of the mouth, general feelings of nausea and sometimes sleepiness. Weak stomachs should look for other ways to consume CBD than through a candy product.

Experimental Usage of CBD With CBD Candy

While studies on CBD extracts and its products are still underway, there is still not enough research to prescribe dosages or outline all the effects and interactions of cannabinoids. This implies that, more often than not, there are no available guidelines in managing its usage or dose by the consumers. As a result, consumption of cannabinoids generally is considered experimental.

Manufacturer's Discretion With the Production of CBD Candy

Even though there are existing federal guidelines and regulations concerning cannabis, regulations remain underenforced and the marketplace is underregulated. This leaves a great deal to the manufacturer's discretion. You need to be sure you’re getting the best products if you’re mixing your CBD with your sweets. 

Effects When Combined With Conventional Pharmaceuticals

Another area of concern is the yet-to-be-determined effect it may have when CBD extracts or products interact with the modern medicinal drugs. According to some experts, it is believed that CBD extracts may hasten the side effect of medicinal drugs, or generally affect the rate at which some are metabolized in the body.

Unfortunately, CBD seems to make it more difficult for the body to break down some forms of conventional pharmaceuticals. 

Pregnant Women 

This is an obvious warning to look out for. There is little to no research to show that taking CBD candies or any of its extracts is safe or unsafe to use by pregnant women. However, to avoid any risk, we advise you to stay away from taking CBD candies during pregnancy. Don’t worry, a sweet treat will be waiting for you when you get home! 

Why Are CBD Candies So Popular?

CBD candies, like other products from CBD extracts, are an easy-to-pick, simple-to-use product for consumers. With their delightful flavors, they can be a fun dietary supplement. If a consumer is open to the new research surrounding CBD extracts, they may find their snack a little more enjoyable as they maintain their overall well-being. At Penguin CBD, our gummies are certainly one of our most popular and highly rated products.

However, while CBD candy is getting more popular and appears to offer interesting benefits, it is still advisable to be cautious regarding its consumption. It is also advisable to contact a physician before any consumption or usage. If adding anything to your diet, your doctor should know about it. This is doubly true if you’re adding sugar and CBD to your schedule. 

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